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Retiring old notions about saving for the future! Ditching the 401K to fund a Business!

An investor stepped up to the plate this past week and invested his entire retirement savings into The PittMoss™ Development Company and he knows it’s risky. My 401k funds arrived to keep the cash flow healthy while we continue to … Continue reading

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Why Are We Draining Wetlands and Destroying Peat Bogs to Fill Flower Pots?

Dr. Alan Knight, member of Great Britain’s Sustainable Development Commission and a past Chair of the U.K.’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ or DEFRA’s Peat Task Force was interviewed in this week’s prestigious Horticulture Week Magazine. He stated … Continue reading

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Some People Will Help You Raise Your Barn, While Others Will Try To Tear You Down

Nupeat was the original name of our patented peat-free product and apparently the folks running the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA) didn’t like that very much. Soon after some successful, well-publicized, growth trials at a major Midwest university and … Continue reading

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Embrace the Fear or How to Succeed at Business When You’re Terrified

I found myself taking cover in a bunker centered on a green pasture, with dense woods at it’s perimeter once while dreaming. It would have been a beautiful landscape if it weren’t for a barrage of bombs raining down all … Continue reading

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